Champlain Valley Christian Reformed Church



Our church was started by several Dutch immigrant families, and met in one another’s homes at the beginning.  As more Dutch families moved into the area, the church started to grow, and needed to locate a more suitable place to worship that could hold the budding congregation.  Initially, they borrowed or rented space from a local church in nearby Ferrisburgh, and eventually began renting the meeting hall in same town.  It is here, with the support of their mother church in Whitinsville, Mass., that they formally became part of the CRC under the name of the Ferrisburgh Christian Reformed Church.

As the church continue to grow, it soon became clear that the current building was growing too small, and that yet another place would need to be found.  It was at this time that the congregation decided to build the current church building on the outskirts of Vergennes, with the idea of also housing the Christian school that they had started several years earlier to educate their children.  The groundbreaking occurred in early spring of 1976.  Construction was complete later that year and the new church was named the Champlain Valley Christian Reformed Church.   While the size of our congregation has changed over the years, our faith in what the Lord has planned for us remains the foundation by which we worship.